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trash of my life

stage production

It's a story familiar, yet unspoken. What happens when you don't have parents to properly groom you through life? Erica Harper, the child in the middle, battles with unstable emotions and will usher you on a journey to answer this question. Along the road, you'll witness and experience a whirlwind of heartache and pain. Secrets, lies and tragedy causes her family to spiral out of control and the dysfunction causes them to tear at the seams.

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i know what i am and i am not what you call me 

stage production

A riveting stage play of Damon McBlessed, a young man who is constantly at war within himself as he attempts to define who he is, not only to himself, but to God, his family, and his culture. His story is reminiscent of a cascading waterfall that flows from unimaginable heart-wrenching cycles of abuse, into multilayered fields of a sometimes funny,  


my soul is bleeding

stage production 2014

“My Soul is Bleeding” stage play, a gripping drama that takes an in-depth look at the dysfunction and profoundly dark secrets that cripple the family of Ciara Grace.


my soul is bleeding 

stage production 2015

this production chronicles the journey of souls bound by lies, love, guilt and shame. It peels back the layers that cover difficult subject matter such as mental and emotional abuse and neglect, parental abandonment, suicide, domestic violence and rape.



Fearless Faith MSIB Monologue Troupe

fearless faith concert 

MSIB Monologue Troupe

msib monologue photo shoot

Monologue Troupe Performance

d'merit album release party

MSIB Monologue Troupe 2014

my soul is bleeding 

stage production 

Monologue Troupe Performance

    born 2 serve

album release party 

Monologue Troupe Filming

     msib monologue

     short film shoot 

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