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Mission Statement

Poetizer Productions is a for profit organization whose mission is to foster relationships and produce creative content that inspires, impacts and influences future generations.  

Vision Statement

To be an incubator of creative, cultural collaboration, engaging entertainment and inspiration that connects individuals and promotes healing globally.


Poetizer Productions was birthed in 2009 by its visionary, Shanteria “Poetizer” Griglen, who is dedicated to authentic, creative and inspirational productions.  Witnessing the impact of teaching positive self-expression and theater skills that enhance creativity, increase self-confidence and builds communication and leadership skills to community youth within her church were the catalysts to her motivation.  Since its genesis, the company has motivated hundreds of teens and young adults to use theater as a source of empowerment while confronting a multitude of adverse influences they may face in life. Poetizer Productions uniquely uses stage productions and their monologue troupe as tools to empower participants and audiences alike to live beyond their wounds, both within their communities and families. This not only connects them to the brand, but fosters a resounding positive shift in their lives as a whole.

Beneath the Poetizer Productions umbrella, Shanteria has written and directed countless works for faith-based community projects and for other organizations including the adaptation of two novels into theatrical productions – one of which was accepted into the Adrienne Arsht Miami Made 2014 festival and produced in 2016 at the Wendell Narcisse Theater.

Additionally, the brand has a goal to continue mentoring and inspiring young people to use theater as a way to face and conquer their fears with the truth and power that, ultimately, transforms our world - one production at time.


Shanteria Griglen

Chief Executive Officer 

In a sea of up and coming writers, producers, directors and visionaries - Shanteria "Poetizer" Griglen shines bright as one of the very few young African-American female writer/producers to come from South Florida. Widely known by her alter ego and pen name, Poetizer, she is an uncut, unfiltered author, playwright and poet whose passion for creative writing is fueled by her belief that nothing in life occurs coincidentally nor without purpose.

King Ivy

Kyonna Floyd

Creative Director / Actor 

Kyonna is a multi-talented powerhouse with an unmatched passion for the performing arts. She is a senior theatre performance major at Florida A&M University where she has appeared in Essential Thearte productions' Cat on a Hot tin Roof, Akeelah and the Bee, Skeleton Crew and The Nacirena Society. ms. floyd is also a proud Orange and Green tour guide for the university.    

Ministry in Motion

Yvonne Strachan

Acting Coach / Author 

Pastor yvonne strachan is the founder of ministry in motion, where for over 25 years she takes ministry outside the walls of the church - with monthly feeding programs, annual toy drives and back to school giveaways. she is also a senior associate pastor at new life in the city church where she regularly teaches and preaches with passion and anointing. Ms. Strachan is a life coach, motivational speaker, planner and is always in demand for her personal and unique style of prophetic drama. 

DuMoore Enterprise

DuVonne  Moore

Chief editor  / actor 

not only is Ms. Moore a maven with words, but also an accomplished actor, model, editor and writer. She has appeared and been featured in a myriad of productions from theatrical, independent and feature film and fashion runways to cosmetics and healthcare television commercials. She feels blessed to have been selected as a featured guest for the groundbreaking series Black Women OWN the Conversation that premiered on the Oprah Winfrey Network August 24th, 2019.  This renaissance creative credits her faith and relationship with God for all of her accomplishments.

Creative Sister's Company

Cathy Johnson

Production Coordinator 

Mrs. Johnson, a Miami native event planner and avid traveler, enhances the team with her creative genius. She is an advocate for the empowerment of women and promoting entrepreneurship.  As a business owner herself, she is dedicated to the mission of Poetizer Productions to inspire and embolden generations around the globe. 

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